Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Agency news...

Well I have some crappy news.  Covenant Care isn't accepting out of state applications right now.  So now...we are looking for another agency.  I have to start researching them again.  The good news is that Jessica Johnson of Forever Family Adoptions in Franklin KY is helping me find possible agencies!  She is Amazing.  I am so blessed to have her helping us in this journey!  If you are thinking about adopting and looking for someone to do your homestudy, Jessica is awesome.  She is truly living out God's will for her life.  She is a true advocate for the child and for the family.  If you have any questions about reaching her just email me at  I'll give you all her info!  or you can go to 

God Bless!!!

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  1. So sorry.....sad days.

    Well- if you want to use Mother Goose- let us know. :)

    I know God will lead you to the right agency!!! And to your child!!!!