Friday, July 16, 2010

Still here...just been discouraged...

Hey guys...sorry so long since my last post.  I have gotten discouraged.  Tshirt sales slowed down, of course after I had just ordered another batch.  So now here we are with all these shirts and no sales.  It's been over a month since my last shirt sale.  I am seeing all of these little babies everywhere and it makes me want our baby home SOOOOOO BAD!  

I have to get to work on this and come up with some more fundraisers!  Any Ideas???  We need to raise about $1200 ASAP for our home study.  I want this terribly!  We don't have very much at all in our fund right's all tied up in our shirts!  I have about 35 or 40 shirts to sell!  If I sold ALL of them we would only be a couple hundred away from our home study. 

We completely understand that people can't afford to give right now.  We are in the same boat.  But would you please pray for us?  We know that we can't do this on our own.  We know that it is going to happen in God's time.  Please pray that he blesses our adoption and our adoption fund.  We were really wanting to have our baby home by Christmas...doesn't look like that's going to happen.  The ONLY way that could happen is if it was a miracle of God. 

Anyways...I'm back...and ready to go at this FULL FORCE in the name of the almighty God!

"I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me. "  Phil 4:13

Thanks and Much Love!

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