Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well here's the news on our adoption.  We have for sure (unless we decide differently later) chosen our adoption agency,  Covenant Care in Georgia.  We are super excited!  I talked with them this morning and they are AWESOME people!  They seem super sweet and seem to have great hearts for adoption and for God.  So within the next couple of months (hopefully by June) we will be getting our homestudy and sending it and our application in to them.  Then once it is approved we will be put on the waiting list!  Then we will be waiting for our childs birthmother to pick us to be the family to raise her child.

 I pray that God protects our birthmother thru the process and helps her along her journey, and with the hardest decision she will ever make.  I want to thank her in advance for having soooooo much love for her child that she is so selfless and is choosing the best option for her child.  And to our birthmother:  I want you to know that we will be forever grateful to you and we will always keep you in our prayers. 

Please continue to pray for us on our journey and please please please share our story!  Spread the word about our adoption fundraising and tshirts!  Thanks so much!  God Bless!

Much Love,

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  1. Kristin, I'm sooo excited about your crazy adoption to Korea! My beautiful cousin was adopted from Korea:) I wanted to let you know (a sneek peek) I'm heading to Haiti in April and want to be your billboard- if you want to send me a T shirt for me to wear distributing 170,000 meals- I will show it off & link it back to your blog. If you are interested, please email me. I'm thrilled to help you sell T shirts for your adoption:)