Saturday, March 20, 2010's been forever

Hello folks!  I know it's been FOREVER since my last actual post, sorry!  So quite a bit has been going on in the Thomas household.  Here's a bit to catch you up:

1.  We have been remodeling...we had a roof leak, which led us to find a hot water leak, which led us to black mold, which led us to yet another water leak...needless to say, we have had a very busy past few weeks!  So far we have gotten the roof fixed and redone, torn out flooring in three rooms, layed new plywood/underlayment/and flooring down in three rooms, put in a new water heater, new toilet, fixed some pipes in the laundry room, and put down baseboard.  Man its been fun, NOT!  We had to spend a week at Cory's mom and dad's while we were removing all the black mold.  We are at home now but still have a few things left to do. 

2.  As far as social life, well there really hasn't been any!  We have been out to eat with his parents once and mine once, that's it.  Which honestly...we don't need to be spending money right now with everything going on. 

3.  My crazy brain has come up with an idea to get rid of my student loan what did I do to journal this...I started another blog!  You can check it out here: 

4.  And with the adoption process...some BIG decisions have been made!  We heard a crazy statistic and it has been weighing on our hearts since.  We heard that in the US there are 7,000 families waiting for every caucasian baby that is born, and for african american...get ready for the number...there are ZERO on the waiting list!  Can you believe that?  We were heartbroken by this and just can't understand.  So with that being said, we have decided that maybe our next baby is right here in the US.  Now, I'm not saying that we aren't going to be going to Korea for a child...just putting that on hold right now.  There is an urgent need for families willing to adopt african american or biracial children in the US.  So we are talking with an agency in Georgia right now about our options.  The fees with this agency are considerably less than any other agency we have researched, domestic or international.  Instead of having to raise $30,000 we are only going to have to come up with less than $8,000!!   We are sooooooo excited!  Our next step is our home study.  So we have to raise about $1,000 more for our home study and we will be sending it and our application in!  I have seen where some families have their baby within just a few months of sending in their application!  So I guess I am saying that right now the only thing that seperates us from our son is less than $8,000! 

So, after all that I hope you are still with me.  I am glad to be back and hopefully won't have anymore breaks this long!  I want to ask you all to pray for us and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word about us, about our shirts, and about our adoption!  I would LOVE to have our son home for Christmas!  Thanks!

Much Love,

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  1. Hi! We are beginning the adoption process through Covenant Care as well. Are you having them do your homestudy or are you using an independent agency for that? I'm sure this is an exciting time for you and your family and we will keep you in our prayers. In Christ, Talya