Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Story...

There has been a lot of traffic on our blog the last few days...probably because I have been forcing you all to spread the word!!!! lol.  But I thought it would be appropriate to tell our story again so that people would know a little about us and why we are it goes.

Cory and I have been married since June 5, 2004.  We are truly best friends!  We have a wonderful biological daughter, Kylie.  She is the most amazing little person on earth!  We love and cherish every moment we get to spend with her.  Kylie will be three in October of this year.  As a family we pray together every night, and go to church together on Sundays.  We love our church family and we put God first in everything we do.  We love our time with Jesus and are so blessed as a family to be on the 'same page'. 

In December of 2009 a friend of mine was selling shirts that she had designed for her adoption fundraising.  I had watched several 'adoption' videos and 'gotcha day' videos.  In the midst of all this I started feeling a tugging on my heart for adoption.  After tons of research, prayer, and sharing it all with Cory, we both decided on Dec 26, 2009 that we would be adopting our next child. 

At first we wanted to adopt from Korea.  We felt that Korea was a great match for us.  We ran into several things when researching Korea that deterred us.  But we kept trying to move forward...knowing that's where we wanted to be.  Then, while doing my daily adoption blog reading from others I ran across an astonishing statistic.  I'm pretty sure this is what it said...'For every caucasian child born in the US there are 7,000 families waiting, and for every African American child born there are ZERO, yes 0, families waiting! 

After I heard that statistic I called Cory and told him.  He was amazed too.  We then decided that's where we were needed, here in the US.  We prayed and prayed for the peace and strength to deal with people who wouldn't approve.  We realized that we shouldn't worry about those people...we are doing God's will, we are taking care of HIS children! 

So that leads us to where we are now...fundraising!  We are trying to raise the money for the homestudy currently and then on to the fundraising for the actual adoption costs.  Please consider purchasing a shirt, purchasing something from our Pamapered chef fundraiser, or donating!  We want to raise it as fast as we can!  We are sooooooooooo ready to bring our baby home!!!!

Thanks and Much Love!

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  1. Loved hearing more! OH YES! You know our summer staff for camp asked us this last year- why have you adopted 8 children with darker skin....hmmm....never really occurs to us to be honest. When we started with foster care- we said whoever God. And he brought us 6 children. When we went internationally....we went with ETH- why- why not- we knew there would be MANY who would say not because of skin color.....when we adopted Joanna- we said whomever God wanted, but knew that again- skin color makes it harder. WHY???? I don't know I want to scream it is melanin people!!!!! I want to say- if you adopt you will stick out anyway my friends- why not make it obvious.

    My heart- ACHES CONSTANTLY when I know others are missing the POINT! To love a child because they need it...not because of skin color!

    Can't wait to see who God has planned for you!